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30-Day Action Plan

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In this guide you'll find:

  • A 30-day action plan to set you up with a solid SEO foundation in just one month
  • Daily actionable steps – just commit to one action per day!
  • With this guide, you’ll learn how to:
    • Perform an SEO audit to get a snapshot of your site’s current SEO status and the factors influencing it such as site speed, performance, indexability and security
    • Conduct keyword research to identify keywords your blog currently ranks for, competitor keywords and how to discover low-competition keywords with high ranking potential
    • Improve on-page SEO by optimising site structure, linking systems as well as SEO basics such as titles, header tags, URL slugs, titles, meta descriptions and image optimisation
    • Take control of off-page SEO including boosting domain authority, encouraging quality backlinks and harnessing the power of social promotion
    • Run a content audit to pinpoint any old posts negatively affecting SEO, any duplication of content, as well as evergreen content opportunities
    • Track the right stats, knowing which numbers to focus on and set up a streamlined process for measuring and tracking success
    • Use the most effective online tools available, including both free and paid options
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